If you’re anything like us with the TallyHo team, you LOVE wings; in fact, maybe you have even tried to find a place in Hoboken that does bottomless wings because you love them that much (we sure have). When we sat down and tried to figure out how we wanted to kick off the weekend, it was almost unanimous that we needed to offer some special deal with our wings (trust us, they are delicious). Thus, Thursday bottomless wings was born.

Our special bottomless wings brought us to a new problem, however – wings typically make you thirsty, and we’re a bar! We couldn’t have thirsty patrons who just finished pounding a couple pounds of wings. So we got our best and brightest to figure out how to solve this issue; the answer was drinks at half-price! That’s right, you can sit down with your best friends and annihilate plate after plate of wings while getting any well drink, draft beer and/or White Claws at half-price!

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